CCYSC stands for Chinese Christian Youth Sydney Conference. Our mission statement is to:

"Gather Chinese churches, assisting them to devote, to pursuit, to grow, and to commit in Christ Jesus."

The CCYSC committee are made up of youth Christians from different churches, with the help of mature church leaders, to allow the growth of inter-church activities. As from the past, God has used the conference to gather Christians of similar vision to build new missionary like Local University Missionary, "Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF)" and Drama Missionary, "DrEAM".

CCYSC is part of Sydney Chinese Christian Churches Association (SCCCA), Cantonese Youth Ministry (SCCCA-CYM). For more information, please visit the SCCCA website.

我們 「青年基督徒聯合令會」(簡稱 青令會) 的使命為:


每年的青年籌委會都是由一班來自不同教會的青年基督徒所組成,當中更有牧者從旁協助,讓不同教會的弟兄姊妹一同分享信仰。 過往神藉著青令會,聚集了一班有同樣心志的弟兄姊妹,成立了福音事工如大學團契 「CCF」 及 福音話劇事工「DrEAM」。